About Us

It makes sense to the picture when every missing piece comes together and falls into place. And that’s exactly what we strive to provide to our customers – one whole picture of their dreams in reality.

At Shyam Furnishers and Decorators, we provide integrated solutions for all your interior needs ranging from general civil engineering contracts, engineering services solution to interior work like carpentry, false ceiling, painting, polish, upholstery, along with designer interiors solutions and consulting.          

We have been the pioneers in the industry for the last 23 years and have come a long way in developing quality work, a highly skilled team and returning clientele that has made us aim higher and higher in providing every interior solution at one stop.



  • Malls, Hotels, Offices, luxury residences or apartments, we have our portfolio pitched in all segments
  • Workforce of over 200 skilled carpenters, painters/polishers marble layers, tile masons along with an MEP team, we tend to provide the best possible solutions for your needs

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